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ZADEVA: Izšla je nova različica programov AVELPO SA / PRO
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ponedeljek, 02. avgust 2010
Popravki Program:
  1. Bug fix - Cannot select a network drive as the temporary drive for a MS Windows System backup.
  2. Bug fix - AVELPO SA PRO 5530 has errors when backing up Lotus Notes Client 8.5.
  3. Bug fix - ShadowProtect system backup cannot be ran on Windows 2000.
  4. Bug fix - Delta generation process for MS System Backup require a long time to complete.
  5. Bug fix - Next ShadowProtect job overwrite previous ShadowProtect job data which is still in progress.
  6. Bug fix - Exchange database backup: persistent "File 'Guid' not found for exchange database" problem.
  7. Bug fix - MSSQL seed-load blank winndows prompt issue.

Varnostna kopija datotek: 

  1. Bug fix - Local copy moved files and permission updated files for backup files with infile delta chain are not processed correctly.
  2. Bug fix - Logging "File has been removed already" as info instead of logging "The system cannot find the file specified." as error for files that have been removed after backup has started.
  3. Bug fix - FreeBSD cannot apply file permission to data backed up and restore locally in AVELPO SA PRO v5550.
  4. Bug fix - Cannot initialise VSS properly after on subsequent backup jobs in AVELPO SAPRO v5555.
  5. Bug fix - AhsayOBS keeps throwing "exists already. It should not be overwritten" for backup when network error occur.
  6. Bug fix - CDP backup and Manual/Schedule backup job running at the same time (upload the same file).
  7. Bug fix - AhsayACB backup problem if filename contains special character in MAC OS X.
  8. Bug fix - Scheduled backup "stop after running for x hours" does not work.
  9. Bug fix - AVELPO SA PRO v5530 looping on symlinks even when option to follow has not been enabled.
  10. Bug fix - VSS errors will return from Windows Event Viewer when backup is ran with VSS enabled.
  11. Bug fix - SCO Unix v5.0.7 file backup stops when encountering FIFO file type.
  12. Bug fix - File backups on Linux creates "ShadowCopy" folder.Splošno / Razno
  1. Bug fix - Match AVELPO OBS returned with predefined messages to prevent AVELPO SA PRO interpreting messages from intermediate devices (e.g. proxy server) as valid AVELPO OBS messages
  2. Bug fix - Local copy will identify permission updates as corrupted.
  3. Enhancement - Change to use --result-file for mysqldump to specify output file instead of redirecting standard output to file
 Obnovitev / Dešifriranje 
  1. Bug fix - Exchange Mail-Level Restore failed on Exchange 2007 / Windows 2008 with AVELPO SA PRO
  2. Enhancement - Resume the restore process after AVELPO OBS is brought offline and online again during restoration.
 Vzdrževanje sistema 
  1. Bug fix - User can create and perform backup type that is DISABLED (add-on module) in AVELPO SA PRO v5550.
 Uporabniške izkušnje
  1. Bug fix - Retention setting box (Recycle Bin) does not fit for AVELPO SA in French.
  2. Bug fix - AVELPO SA PRO client interface in-file delta option cannot be deselect.

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